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Frequently Asked Questions

What is YOOHOPP?


YOOHOPP is a localised click-and-collect shopping platform. It lets you browse, buy and collect from independent and national retailers. Simply select one of our featured locations and shop a variety of products available to click and collect on that high street, leaving you more time to enjoy other attractions, offers and sights the place has to offer.


Please note: YOOHOPP act as the agent between goods a customer purchases from a retailer and is not responsible for any goods.


How do I order an item on YOOHOPP?


Any advertised items on YOOHOPP which you choose to purchase are to be completed with the listed retailer. Our checkout process is simple and sophisticated. You can add purchases from independent and national retailers into one bag.


Any item(s) that are sold from an independent retailer will be grouped together in a separate checkout to any item(s) that are sold from a national retailer.


Shopping via independent retailers


Independent retailer items are completed via PayPal. Once you have paid for your items through PayPal you will receive a confirmation of your order from PayPal and an email from YOOHOPP with a confirmation code of your order.  You must retain and show this to the merchant when you collect your purchase(s). We recommend that you do not collect your items earlier than 24 hours after purchase unless agreed with the merchant separately who you will be required to liaise with off the YOOHOPP website. Please familiarise yourself with the opening hours of independent businesses which are displayed on YOOHOPP.

YOOHOPP are not responsible for orders and you are therefore encouraged to make any order enquiries with the retailer who will be able to help you.


Shopping via national retailers


Payment and collection of items which are sold from an independent retailer will be processed on their website, where you will be redirected.

YOOHOPP are not responsible for orders and you are therefore encouraged to make any order enquiries with the retailer who will be able to help you.


Do I get an order confirmation from YOOHOPP?


You’ll get a few emails from us when you order something through YOOHOPP.


We’ll confirm that we’ve received your order and payment for any orders made with independent retailers and checked out through PayPal. We care about our customers, that’s why we’ve decided to send you any exclusive offers you can enjoy when you Click and Collect your orders.


We will not be able to send you an order confirmation for purchases completed off the YOOHOPP site however we will send you updates if you have registered an account with us shopping via YOOHOPP. These updates will share the latest offers, trends and YOOHOPP news with you. You have the option to unsubscribe from these email communications at any time.


How do I return an item?

If for any reason you are unhappy with your order you must return the item directly to the store in accordance with the store’s own return policy, which may be viewed at the store when goods are collected.

Please note: You cannot, in any circumstances, return your purchases to YOOHOPP.


Can I amend OR cancel my order after I’ve placed it?


If you have already processed an order with the retailer and want to amend/cancel it, you must do this through the retailer directly.


Size and care guides


If you would like extra information on a product that is featured on YOOHOPP before you complete your purchase, please check the retailer’s advice for size and care guides. You can do this by contacting the retailer directly.


Safe and secure shopping


YOOHOPP provide added security for customers shopping online, therefore items purchases from an independent retailer are processed through PayPal. PayPal is an industry leading alternative payments provider that offers 24-hour monitoring and advanced encryption.


I can’t find my high street in the search bar


At the moment YOOHOPP cater for the following locations:


  • Nottingham
  • Ipswich
  • Ilford
  • Southend


We are looking to expand to more locations in 2016!